I’m ready for Nürburgring

After a more than one-month break we will finally race again on the next weekend at Nürburgring, which is not an unknown circuit for me. I don’t know yet how the weather will look like at the beginning of September but the circumstances will be the same for everyone of us.

During the break I was concentrating on preparing myself for the upcoming challenges. After Imola I had some negotiation with my management and took the time for a short rest but I also did some simulator racing and physical training.

I’ve just came back from a one-week training camp, that I did at my partner, 3-2-1 Perform. I really like these camps because of many reasons and one of them is that I’m able to run or ride a bike on great venues. The programme in the camp is made especially for racing drivers, therefore besides the physical training there are also mental exercises with some combined tasks.

Travelling was one day long for me there and back so during the one week period I had five days with intensive training. For example I usually have running and bicycle riding in the mountains and sometimes I have the chance for some hillclimb which is very interesting and a great relaxation for me.

During the combined exercises we usually have to use our balance, concentration and strength so it’s clearly very interesting, useful and enjoyable.

I think the training camp was ok from my side and I did what I had to do to be prepared for the upcoming race weekends. Nürburgring will be challenging for everyone but I’m waiting for sitting in the car again.

On Sunday I will travel to Italy to my team and we will travel together to Germany. September will be busy for us as we will have Magny-Cours a week after Nürburgring and then at the end of the month we will race in the Netherlands at Zandvoort.

I hope that I wil be able to fight for the points and if you would like to follow the qualifying sessions and the races live then check out the Facebook- and the youtube-channel of Renault Sport Series.