László Tóth finishes 4th on the first race of Formula 4

László Tóth started from 10th and finished 4th on the first, qualifying race of the Formula 4 category on Saturday at Motorsport Games in Vallelunga circuit near Rome.

The 19 years old hungarian driver provided excellent performance, made great overtakes and no mistakes. He maintained six positions and as a result of this he will start from 4th on Sunday when the main race of the category will be held.

Tóth was third on both of the free practices on Friday and reached the 13th position on Saturday’s qualifying session which was repeatedly interrupted and then stopped with red flag. The session started on wet and ended on a still slippery, half dry circuit. Because of some penalties afterwards the hungarian driver could start the race from 10th finally.

Tóth made one overtake right after the start of the 20 minute qualification race and he was 6th at the end of the first lap. Afterwards he overtook his brazilian opponent but during the second lap the race control had to send the Safety Car on track because of an accident.

The Safety Car left the field at the end of the fourth lap and Tóth soon made an other overtake. Then on some points of the race he had to defend his position but at other stages he managed to attack for third position and finally reached the chequered flag as 4th.

I really enjoyed the first few laps with the overtaking maneuvers, but later some of the lapped opponents did not let me go in the best pace but finally I managed to stay close to the leading three

– said Tóth after the race. He added that Sunday’s race will be more difficult because the drivers starting from the first and the second row can drive same lap times continously.

I’m sure, that none of us won’t do any stupid thing and we don’t want to take any unnecessary risk, but besides this I’m looking for a great battle and hard fight”

– said Tóth.

The first race of the F4 category on the inaugural Motorsport Games was won by italian Andrea Rosso, with Ido Cohen from Israel second and the german Niklas Kruetten third.

The main race of the F4 category will be held on Sunday from 11.40 AM.