Points scoring after struggles in Monza season opener

You can often hear from racing drivers that a driver starts a race because he/she would like to win. Then in real life this goal and decision is sometimes overwritten by life, fate and/or the circumstances. It is especially in a sport that looks like individual but if you think about how many people should work together for a driver’s success then you can call it a team sport.

When we arrived in Monza we had trust in the datas collected by the team from the past years and all of us believed that we can start the season with a nice result.

On Monday and Tuesday we had the collective pre-season testing and on that we realised that a lot of work is waiting for us. We struggled with the setup while not only focus on the season opener race weekend but some other things on the racing car.

We didn’t know where we and our opponents were in terms of performance and pace until Thursday’s free practices. Then we realised that we have to work a lot on the setup but everyone in the team was trying to do everything because we didn’t wanted to fight at the end of the field.

On the qualis and on the first race we didn’t reached significant improvement but I have to add that the whole field was between 1-1.5 second to each other in lap times and it meant that we are close to each other so everyone expects a tight season.

I think we were a little bit dissapointed on Friday after the two qualis and one race without points and some struggles. I think we all knew that we can be much better than this.

Saturday brought some kind of compensation for me and for the team, and I was obviously happy to score the first championship points for Bhaitech in this season as a rookie.

Regarding the race itself, my start and my reaction was good, fast and accurate. I maybe had some wheelspin but as we reached the first corner I already came up two places.

There was a big accident during the first lap with dust and smoke and I remember that a front wing was flying against me on the left hand side but it didn’t hit my car.

After the Safety Car period I was driving on P10 and was much more competitive than on Thursday and Friday. One of the reasons for this was a tactical decision with the tires that we made before the race and it worked. I was able to fight and overtake for P9 and then for P8. In the last two laps Grégoire Saucy attacked me but I was able to defend my position. It was a nice fight on a good race and it was obviously also good news that I officially finished on P7 after a penalty for Petr Ptacek. I scored six points which is good, but I will be really happy if we will be able to fight up front or at the front of the middle.

Now I have some rest days and then prepare for Imola, where we will race on 24-26 July.

Thank you for all of you who followed the races in Monza and I hope that you will be able to watch the live coverage from Imola also!